The game Crazy Columns is a simple colourful puzzle game for the Commodore A500. It offers fun and entertainment for young and old. Is based on the classic from 1990 by SEGA.
The hunt for the coveted places in the highscore can be contested alone or in pairs. The standard game mode helps, in which you can play until no stone fits on the screen. In the time battle mode, you only have 5 minutes to collect as many points as possible.
The challenge is the game mode in which the screen is randomly pre-filled. No time passes, but you should first clear the screen. Of course, there are 1 or 2 players available in all game modes. You can choose to play entirely with the keyboard, joysticks or mixed.

In the standard game mode, there are even five difficulty levels available. Each individual difficulty level has its own highscore. When chasing the highscore, players can choose one of eight defined backgrounds. Even up to two self-created backgrounds can be used.

The fun of the game is rounded off by timeless game music and crisp sound effects. The volume can also be adjusted and the sound can be switched off.

Feature listing:

  • Colourful puzzle game for young and old
  • Choice of 1 and 2 players supported
  • Can be played with keyboard or joystick
  • Four different player modes to choose from
    • Standard
    • Time Battle
    • Crazy Fill
    • Bad Buddy
  • In the game mode "Standard", you can choose between 5 difficulty levels
    • Novice
    • Normal
    • Hard
    • Extreme
    • Impossible
  • This results in seven independent highscore that are loaded and saved
  • The points can even be entered in an online highscore
  • You can choose between eight different backgrounds
    • Big-Green
    • Big-Blue
    • Big-Orange
    • Big-CRAZY
    • Small-Green
    • Small-Blue
    • Small-Orange
    • Small-CRAZY
  • Add up to two customised backgrounds
  • Timeless music and crisp sound effects

The following system requirements are given:

  • Simple Amiga 500 (68000@7MHz)
  • OCS PAL Chipset
  • 512kb ChipRam
  • Kickstart 1.2
  • Joystick optional

Briefly about the development:

The game was 100% written in 68000 assembler. The VS Code Extension Amiga Assembly was used for the implementation. A Mac and Windows were used as operating systems. All graphics were created with Personal Paint 7.1c on an Amiga and in the emulator.

  • Music  -  neoman
  • PTPlayer  - Frank Wille
  • Graphics  -  Jochen Hoffer
  • SoundFX  -  Jochen Hoffer
  • Game development  -  Jochen Hoffer